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Ademinsa is the only company to offer state-of-the-art services in both non-destructive testing and predictive maintenance, supported by emerging equipment and qualified and certified personnel, backed by ASNT NDT Level III engineers, with the largest number of methods in Latin America , API 653, 570, 510, and 580 inspectors, as well as CWI-AWS and SCWI-AWS welding inspectors. It is also a leader in training and certification of personnel, authorized to achieve certification progress according to ASNT, API and AWS requirements.

Acerca de nosotros

ADEMINSA is a company founded in Peru in 1985 by engineer Alberto Reyna, whose objective is to provide predictive maintenance services, non-destructive testing and comprehensive maintenance management in all types of industries, using conventional and emerging techniques. The experience and quality of our services allows us to go beyond our borders and lead the markets of several countries.

ADEMINSA - Group of Companies

INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS ASNT, CWI-AWS, SCWI-AWS, API. Ademinsa Group of Companies offers the certification test in ten methods (VT, MT, UT, RT, PT, ET, ML, IR, AE, LT) for levels I and II, ASNT NDT Level III. We also offer training in Vibrational Analysis Levels I and II. Our Level III certified by Technical Associates of Charlotte (Alberto F. Reyna) offers these SCWI training and certification courses.