Mission and vision

Our mission

To satisfy the needs of our clients and exceed their expectations, providing services and / or products of high quality and latest technology that differentiate us and allow us to stay on the lead in the market.

Our vision

To be the leading company in providing services of predictive-proactive maintenance and inspections of non-destructive tests in the regional and global market, with projections of sustained growth, guaranteeing the total satisfaction of our clients.

  • We have more than 30 years of experience in the industry;
  • We operate in more than 16 countries, including USA, in which our reputation precedes us;
  • We are representatives of more than 15 brands, which offer supplies, spare parts and equipment;
  • We have international certified and trained personnel;
  • We have our own equipment;
  • We provide immediate and personalized attention to our clients.
International Headquarters
years of experience
Brands of supplies, spare parts and equipment
Action field

Action field

During Manufacturing and Installation

Quality Assurance (QA) y Quality Control (QC).

  • Reception of materials.
  • Quality control during manufacturing and assembling.
  • Pre-commissioning.
  • Commissioning.

In operation

Monitoring and diagnosis of condition of rotating and static equipment. Maintenance Optimization Lubrication, Energy Balancing – Audits.

  • In service (Hot)
  • Plant Stoppage
  • Testing Post stoppage
  • Tank Inspection and Certification
  • Cranes Inspection and Certification

Sale, Repair, Maintenance and Calibration

We are exclusive representatives of the latest generation equipment. We have the support of the manufacturing companies of the equipment for repair, maintenance and calibration of equipment.


Qualified, certified and experienced personnel to train in courses API, CWI-AWS, ASME, conventional techniques, latest generation techniques. International level training IN HOUSE.


Our horizontal structure, has the goal of having a direct and personalized service with our clients.