Advanced course of inspections using the ultrasound technique


This course provides the theoretical and practical knowledge to use the ultrasound technique to identify internal or volumetric discontinuities in plates, pipes and equipment and mechanical components. The content is aligned with the Body of Knowledge of the Standard CP-105 and based on the ASNT TC-1A for the qualification and certification of competencies as Inspector for Ultrasound Level II


To deepen the knowledge on the physical principles of Ultrasound
To be able to locate, measure and characterize the discontinuities found
To know the main aspects that govern the inspection by Ultrasound according to the main normative applied in the metalmechanical sector (API, ASME, AWS, ASTM)
Obtain the knowledge to be able to supervise direct and execute inspections of mechanical components and equipment by the use of propagation of ultrasonic waves
Properly select the technique, equipment and accessories for the inspection of welded joints.
Addressed to:

Level I Ultrasound Inspectors Who Want to Achieve Level II


In accordance with the Recommended Practices SNT-TC-1A (Edition 2011) issued by the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT).

Theoretical practical training focused on the inspection of plates, pipes, equipment and mechanical components.

Instructors enrich the practical outline with real life examples and detail multiple case studies for student reference.

Instructor profile:

Engineer with more than 5 years experience in ultrasonic analysis

Certified ASNT Level III Specialist, SNT-TC-1A.

With didactic abilities directed to the formation of technical competences.


5 Days / 40 Hours

It includes:

Course Manual

Valid certificate of participation before the STPS

Coffe breake and food

Pre requirements:

630 hours of experience in the Level II Ultrasound Inspector method